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Building Habits for Healthy Living

Get a head start on a lifetime of good habits. With smart web widgets from GoalKards, your kids can learn and build great nutrition, fitness, and learning habits.

GoalKards connects providers, parents, and kids in a whole new way to shape your child’s active lifestyle. We’re putting the best ideas in child development together with family-friendly web technology to deliver fun and simple ways to give children the essential skills and habits they need to be successful.

Starter Kard

Teachers and Parents — Do you have a young child learning music?  Use the GoalKard for Music Practice to start building that essential practice habit. This GoalKard - designed for web-savvy kids - is a smart web gadget with goal-setting, tracking, and motivation tools that kids use to focus and stick with their home practice. The safe, ad-free web site makes it fun for young children ages 5-10 to log their practice sessions, see their progress, and learn the value of personal responsibility. Try it and see why kids love the program.

Coming Next

We’ve got more GoalKards in the works to build essential health habits. Get kids off to a healthy start with the knowledge and habits they need for good nutrition, daily fitness, and strong teeth.

  • The FitKids GoalKard for Fitness Habits — Give kids the essential habits of an active lifestyle.

  • The BrightSmiles GoalKard for Dental Habits — Show kids how to take good care of their teeth.

  • The SmartChoice GoalKard for Food Habits — Teach kids how to make good food choices.


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